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2018 edition:

Gülsin Onay, Pierre Réach, Karst de Jong, Juan Lago, Chenxi Li.

GülsinOnay juan

GÜLSIN ONAY                                                                                          JUAN LAGO


KARST DE JONG                                                                              PIERRE RÉACH


YVAN CHIFFOLEAU                                                                               CHEN XI LI





2017 edition:

Edith Fischer, Jean-Marc Luisada, Jura Margulis, Geoffrey Douglas Madge, Patrick Zygmanowski, Pierre Réach, Karst de Jong, Juan Lago, Marcel Baudet, Chenxi Li.

2016 edition:

Edith Fischer, Paul Badura-Skoda, Jean-Marc Luisada, Jorge Pepi-Alos, Patrick Zygmanowski, Tamayo Ikeda, Pierre Réach, Karst de Jong, Juan Lago, Marcel Baudet, Cecilio Tieles, Chenxi Li, Franck Ciup.

2015 edition:

Cyprien Katsaris, Edith Fischer, Mikhail Petukhov, Patrick Zygmanowski, Pierre Réach, Karst de Jong, Juan Lago, Marcel Baudet, Cecilio Tieles, Chenxi Li.

2014 edition

Edith Fischer /Peter Frankl /Balazs Szokolay /Josep Colom /Patrick Zygmanowski /Pierre Réach /Karst
de Jong /Jordi Camell /Chenxi Li /Cecilio Tieles

2013 edition

Paul Badura-Skoda /Edith Fischer /Luiz de Moura Castro /Patrick Zygmanowski /Eduardus Halim /Pierre Réach /Karst de Jong /Leonel Morales /Juan Lago /Marcel Baudet /Cecilio Tieles

2012 legendary masters edition

Paul Badura-Skoda /Edith Fischer

2011 edition

Paul Badura-Skoda /Boris Berman /Luiz de Moura Castro /Pierre Réach /Karst de Jong /Vladik Bronewetzky /Leonel Morales /Marcel Baudet /Cecilio Tieles /Valerio Premuroso



Paul Badura-Skoda

From the very beginning of the festival Paul Badura-Skoda has been involved as a musician and human being of exceptional qualities. He inspired our students by letting them experience a life full of music making, teaching, writing and thinking about music. In September 2013 the City Government of Tarragona has awarded him with a special honorary sculpture of the city for his exceptional contribution to the music culture of the Tarragona region. Paul has been with us in the 2011 MusicFestival, 2012 Legendary Masters festival, and the 2013 MusicFestival. In 2010 he was chair of the Jury of the first edition of his own international Paul Badura-Skoda Piano competition –



Edith Fischer

Edith Fischer is the most important pupil of the legendary Claudio Arrau. She is a wonderful pianist with a huge repertoire and captivating stage presence. She was our guest for the first time in the Legendary Masters Festival of December 2012, and also at the MusicFestival 2013, 2014 and 2015.


Peter Frankl

Peter Frankl is an internationally acclaimed pianist and pedagogue. He is professor at Yale University and honorary professor of the Franz Liszt Academy in Budapest. He joined the artist team  of the MusicFestival in September 2014 for the first time –


Josep Colom

Josep Colom is one of the greatest living pianists in Spain today. He is a regular guest in international festivals and teaches at the Superior conservatory of the Liceu in Barcelona as well as at the Superior Conservatory of Zaragossa and the Musikeon in Valencia.

Patrick Zygmanowski

Patrick Zygmanowski is one of the great pianists of the younger French generation. He is currently professor at the Ecole Normale de Paris, and permanent invited professor at Osaka college of music. Together with Tamayo Ikeda he forms the piano duo ‘Duo Ykeda’ –  website duo Ykeda


Eduardus Halim

Eduardus Halim is head of the piano studies at the NYU Steinhardt School of Music. He is a great interpreter of music from the romantic tradition. He was recently appointed Sascha Gorodnitzki Faculty Chair Professor in Piano Studies. He was our guest in the 2013 edition of the festival.

Juan Lago

Juan Lago studied at the Conservatorio de Málaga, Real Conservatorio de Madrid and Amsterdam Conservatorium with Juan J. Peralta, Ana Guijarro and Jan Wijn. He received many awards in national and international piano competitions and performs frequently in Spain, Portugal, France, England, Germany, Holland, Italy, Turkey and the US. He is currently head of the Piano Department at the Conservatorio José Iturbi de Valencia – website Juan Lago

Boris Berman

Boris Berman is an internationally recognized pianist and pedagogue, appearing at many festivals and competitions. Boris has been the principal student of Lev Oborin in Moscow. He is currently a professor at the Yale school of music (CT, USA).

Boris is specialized in Russian music, and especially Prokofiev. He wrote a book on the interpretation and performance of the Prokofiev piano sonata’s. Boris was an artist at the Vila-seca MusicFestival in 2011 –  website Boris Berman