The Vila-seca MusicFestival is a yearly festival dedicated to the art of playing the Piano. There are daily concerts by the great masters of our time. Besides the concerts there are public masterclasses and private classes. Among the regularly returning artists are Edith Fischer, Paul Badura-Skoda, Cyprien Katsaris and Luiz de Moura-Castro. Additionally we host guests artists from all over the world, like Boris Berman, Peter Frankl, Jean-Marc Luisada, Josep Colom, Balazs Szokolay, Eduardus Halim and Jorge Pepi-Alos. The festival is held in and around the Auditori Josep Carreras, a beautiful medium sized concert hall, and the Conservatori de Vila-seca. For participants there is ample space and opportunity to practice.

Fundació Auditori Josep Carreras

The festival is hosted by the Fundació Auditori Josep Carreras, a special foundation which develops activities in and around the Auditori. The organization of the festival is in the hands of the Associació Piano First, an association organizing events and competitions related to the piano. The Conservatori de Vila-seca is providing us with rooms and instruments for teaching and practicing activities.

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Diputació de Tarragona

The local government of Tarragona is one of the main sponsors of the event. We are grateful that we can organize this fantastic festival with their help.

Paul Badura-Skoda

Ever since the first international piano competition Paul Badura-Skoda was organized in september 2010, Paul Badura-Skoda has been at the centre of the activities in Vila-seca. His extraordinary musicality, broad knowledge and humor have inspired many of our students and artists alike.

Pierre Réach and Karst de Jong

In 2011 Pierre Réach and Karst de Jong, both professors at the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya, decided to start the festival with the aim to bring top level pianists to the region and inspire todays young generation to pursue music and playing the piano at the highest artistic level, while at the same time bringing those great artists to the stage in Vila-seca.

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