Juan Lago

Juan Lago studied at the Conservatorio de Málaga, Real Conservatorio de Madrid and Amsterdam Conservatorium with Juan J. Peralta, Ana Guijarro and Jan Wijn. He received many awards in national and international piano competitions and performs frequently in Spain, Portugal, France, England, Germany, Holland, Italy, Turkey and the US. He is currently head of the Piano Department at the Conservatorio José Iturbi de Valencia – website Juan Lago

Legendary Masters festival 2012

A gallery with photo’s of the festival of December 2012

Legendary Masters Festival 2012


Boris Berman

Boris Berman is an internationally recognized pianist and pedagogue, appearing at many festivals and competitions. Boris has been the principal student of Lev Oborin in Moscow. He is currently a professor at the Yale school of music (CT, USA).

Boris is specialized in Russian music, and especially Prokofiev. He wrote a book on the interpretation and performance of the Prokofiev piano sonata’s. Boris was an artist at the Vila-seca MusicFestival in 2011 –  website Boris Berman


Luiz de Moura Castro

Luiz de Moura Castro is an exceptional pianist from Brazil. Currently living in Hartford CT (USA), he is professor at the famous Hartt school of Music. He gives recitals all over the world, specializing in South American composers such as Vila-Lobos and Ginastera. Luiz has been a regular member of our team of artists, appearing at the MusicFestival 2011 and the MusicFestival 2013 –  website Luiz de Moura Castro

Cecilio Tieles

Cecilio Tieles is a pianist of Cuban origin living in Catalunya. He has been the head of the piano department at the Vila-seca Conservatory for many years, and aquired the status of Professor Emeritus of the Conservatory. Cecilio has been involved in the MusicFestival since its first edition in 2011, and was member of the jury of the first Paul Badura-Skoda competition, which was held in Vila-seca in september 2010 – www.ceciliotieles.com


Pierre Réach

Pierre Réach gives concerts and masterclasses all over the world. He created many competitions, festivals and events. Pierre is professor at the CRR in Paris, ESMUC in Barcelona and since 2005 he was appointed Professor Honoris Causa of the Shanghai Conservatory. Together with Karst de Jong he initiated the first MusicFestival in Vila-seca in 2011, dedicated to the art of playing the piano –  www.pierre-reach.com


Chenxi Li

As a student of the famous Ken Zhou and Pierre Réach, Chenxi Li is currently head of the piano department of the Central Conservatory Piano Academy at Gulangyu,  Xiamen, China. Winner of many prizes and a great representative of the Chinese school of piano playing, he stimulates the mutual exchange of musical experiences and ideas of our cultures.

Karst de Jong

Karst de Jong is a pianist, music theorist and improviser. He is dedicated to bringing the ‘lost’ art of classical improvisation back to the stage. By stimulating the creativity and (analytical) understanding of the repertoire one can restore the widened gap between interpreter and composer, something which is increasingly important in this time. Karst de Jong is professor at the ESMUC Barcelona and The Royal Conservatoire of Den Haag. Together with Pierre Réach he created the Vila-seca MusicFestival, which had its first edition in 2011 –  www.karstdejong.com


MusicFestival 2011

A gallery with photo’s of the festival of September 2011



Festival 2014

With pleasure we announce the 3rd edition of the Vila-seca Music Festival, which will take place from 8-14 September 2014. There will be a great lineup of internationally renowned artists, headed by the masters Edith Fischer and Peter Frankl.
For applications please request an application form by writing an email to: vilasecamusicfestival@gmail.com

お問い合わせは日本語でお気軽に次のメールアドレスまでご連絡ください:vilasecamusicfestival@gmail.com (野村まで)


Peter Frankl – International concert pianist, pedagogue, Yale School of Music, Newhaven (CT) USA – www.peterfrankl.co.uk
Edith Fischer – International concert pianist and pedagogue, most important student of Claudio Arrau, Santiago de Chile, Switzerland
Balázs Szokolay – Musikhochschule Weimar, Franz Liszt Academy Budapest – www.szokolaybalazs.com
Pierre Réach – Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya Barcelona, CRR PARIS, prof honoris causa Cons superior Shanghai – www.pierre-reach.com
Karst de Jong

– Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya Barcelona, Royal Conservatoire Den Haag – www.karstdejong.com

Patrick Zigmanovsky – Ecole Normale Alfred Cortot Paris, permanent invited professor Osaka college of music – Website Duo Ikeda
Josep Colom – Conservatorio de Liceu Barcelona – www.josepcolom.com
Jordi Camell – ESMUC Barcelona, head of the piano department – www.jordicamell.com
Marcel Baudet – Conservatory of Amsterdam, Yehudi Menuhin school of music, London – www.marcelbaudet.com
Chenxi Li – Central Conservatory of Music, Piano Academy at Gulangyu, Xiamen. Head of piano department – www.ccompag.cn
Cecilio Tieles – Conservatorio de Vila-seca, Conservatorio de Liceu Barcelona – www.ceciliotieles.com
Please note that minor changes are still possible…
The festival will be held in and around the beautiful Concert hall “Auditori Josep Carreras” and the conservatory of Vila-seca, near Tarragona, Spain. Besides the great hall with its excellent Steinway D piano there are two smaller concert halls and many teaching rooms with grand- and upright piano’s. All participants have considerable time for practicing during the week.
Address: Conservatorio Municipal de Música, Av. Generalitat, 27, 43480 Vila-seca. Webpage of the Conservatory
Each participant will receive 4 individual masterclasses, each from a different professor. Preferences can be indicated in the application form (see link above). About 60% of all masterclasses will be public, so one can learn from the teaching of others as well.
Musical Encounters:
There will be a few musical encounters on specific subjects, such as a certain piece or style. A few of these encounters will be scheduled as a group event in the afternoons. More information will follow.
Most of the artists will perform either a solo or shared recital. This means there will be outstanding concerts every day!