Festival 2014

With pleasure we announce the 3rd edition of the Vila-seca Music Festival, which will take place from 8-14 September 2014. There will be a great lineup of internationally renowned artists, headed by the masters Edith Fischer and Peter Frankl.
For applications please request an application form by writing an email to: vilasecamusicfestival@gmail.com

お問い合わせは日本語でお気軽に次のメールアドレスまでご連絡ください:vilasecamusicfestival@gmail.com (野村まで)


Peter Frankl – International concert pianist, pedagogue, Yale School of Music, Newhaven (CT) USA – www.peterfrankl.co.uk
Edith Fischer – International concert pianist and pedagogue, most important student of Claudio Arrau, Santiago de Chile, Switzerland
Balázs Szokolay – Musikhochschule Weimar, Franz Liszt Academy Budapest – www.szokolaybalazs.com
Pierre Réach – Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya Barcelona, CRR PARIS, prof honoris causa Cons superior Shanghai – www.pierre-reach.com
Karst de Jong

– Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya Barcelona, Royal Conservatoire Den Haag – www.karstdejong.com

Patrick Zigmanovsky – Ecole Normale Alfred Cortot Paris, permanent invited professor Osaka college of music – Website Duo Ikeda
Josep Colom – Conservatorio de Liceu Barcelona – www.josepcolom.com
Jordi Camell – ESMUC Barcelona, head of the piano department – www.jordicamell.com
Marcel Baudet – Conservatory of Amsterdam, Yehudi Menuhin school of music, London – www.marcelbaudet.com
Chenxi Li – Central Conservatory of Music, Piano Academy at Gulangyu, Xiamen. Head of piano department – www.ccompag.cn
Cecilio Tieles – Conservatorio de Vila-seca, Conservatorio de Liceu Barcelona – www.ceciliotieles.com
Please note that minor changes are still possible…
The festival will be held in and around the beautiful Concert hall “Auditori Josep Carreras” and the conservatory of Vila-seca, near Tarragona, Spain. Besides the great hall with its excellent Steinway D piano there are two smaller concert halls and many teaching rooms with grand- and upright piano’s. All participants have considerable time for practicing during the week.
Address: Conservatorio Municipal de Música, Av. Generalitat, 27, 43480 Vila-seca. Webpage of the Conservatory
Each participant will receive 4 individual masterclasses, each from a different professor. Preferences can be indicated in the application form (see link above). About 60% of all masterclasses will be public, so one can learn from the teaching of others as well.
Musical Encounters:
There will be a few musical encounters on specific subjects, such as a certain piece or style. A few of these encounters will be scheduled as a group event in the afternoons. More information will follow.
Most of the artists will perform either a solo or shared recital. This means there will be outstanding concerts every day!